"The melodies are infectious !  ‘Augusta, Sweet Augusta’ is one of the ten best golf songs EVER."

-- Golf Magazine

“This pioneering golf CD is about soul. The soul of the game, the soul of music, and the soul of Billy Mac.”

  1. -Mitch Laurance,  Co-founder,

“Whole-in-One: Playing to Your Strengths”

"The most entertaining golf romp since Caddyshack ...... a CD no golfer should be without."

--  Josh Fischer, Marketing Director,

Louisville Golf 

"We're proud to have Billy's music as part of St. Andrews' 600th Anniversary."

-- Jim Wilson, Director for the St. Andrews' Links Trust

World Shotgun 2000

“.....this is the first collection that offers a truly professional, seriously engaging variety of beautifully crafted songs, in differing styles, that happen to be, luckily for us, about golf.”

- On the Green Magazine

"The musical equivalent of a 300-yard one iron, straight down the middle and with just the proper hint of a power fade."

-- J Michael Kenyon, Phocian Review of Golf

"Touches all who love can't help being moved."

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"His music never strays very far from his roots in the good-time rhythm and blues of New Orleans...Those who play will understand once they listen to Mac's labor of love...Call them songs in the tee of life."

-- Dave LaGarde, New Orleans Times-Picayune


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